The way public transit impacts home prices

Though it seems that the main factors to influence the cost of residential real estate are the size, state, and location, the last point turns out to be quite an extensive one. One of the indispensable parts of the home location is the presence or absence of access to public transport. Even the fact that the number of vehicles in the US is almost equal to its population, the fact remains the following: more than half of the population living in big cities and metropolitan areas do use public transportation on a regular basis, sometimes even if they own a car. The reason for that is the absence of a desire to stand in long and exhausting traffic jams that cover the whole city in rush hours. 

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Real estate trends to consider working with senior clients

Though it may sound unpredictable, the number of households owned by people who are older than 65 has been growing for the recent 7 years and constitutes over 30 million homes nowadays. There is nothing surprising that retired people want to live in silence and comfort, so they choose detached homes, cottages, and townhouses for this purpose. For real estate agents, it means that senior people constitute a significant number of potential clientele. Consequently, agents should be prepared for such deals and be able to meet expectation of such buyers and sellers. As a result, they should be aware of the real estate trends and statistics regarding senior people too. Here are 5 factors to consider:

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How to choose a virtual staging company?

Virtual staging has an unparalleled number of benefits, but a client will receive them only if he manages to find a good company with a skillful and talented team of designers. It is not a secret that there are many individuals who offer freelance staging services, but they do not guarantee any customer satisfaction refunds and you can simply waste your funds. Therefore, the choice of the virtual staging company must be made on the basis of the following factors:

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Everything you should know about virtual staging

It is not a secret that most of the interior images existing on the web are not photographs despite their very realistic view. These are digital images created with the help of different methods using special tools. One of the ways to create interior images of very high quality is virtual staging – the process of adding furniture and decor to the photo of an empty room using a graphic editor. This article will focus on what virtual staging is, how it differs from home staging, and where it is most often used.

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Who uses virtual staging services?

It is natural that there is a certain number of spheres where virtual staging services seem to be a necessity. Many surveys and researches have confirmed that virtual staging is an efficient approach used in the real estate business and not only there. That is why the most active clients of digital staging companies are:

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