How to choose a virtual staging company?

Virtual staging has an unparalleled number of benefits, but a client will receive them only if he manages to find a good company with a skillful and talented team of designers. It is not a secret that there are many individuals who offer freelance staging services, but they do not guarantee any customer satisfaction refunds and you can simply waste your funds. Therefore, the choice of the virtual staging company must be made on the basis of the following factors:

  • Experience

Choose companies that were established at least 3-5 years ago and have already attracted a circle of clients who order services regularly there.

  • Clients

Trusted leaders of virtual staging solutions can boast that famous companies and brands use their services and are satisfied with the quality.

  • Recommendations

It would be great to ask for advice from large real estate agencies as for virtual staging companies or read reviews of other clients before ordering any services.

  • Check the website

The company should have not only a strong online presence (which is a feature of its reliability) but also an informative and user-friendly website. Most of such companies have a portfolio to look through the examples of their works, so don’t doubt to check it too.

  •  Price

It goes without saying that the range of prices for virtual staging solutions is quite large. However, experts do not recommend to pay attention only to the low cost since the quality of the image may suffer too. Also, there is no sense to overpay, because averagely-priced companies can offer the same good quality as ones with sky-high prices.

Things not accepted in virtual staging

Virtual staging has a clear definition and everything that goes out of these frames may lead to the conclusion that it cannot be called ‘digital staging’ or even lawsuits for illegal actions. Therefore, there are several things that are not accepted in virtual staging and should be avoided in any case:

  • Edited or changed photos of empty property

It is important to send only real photos of homes made by you or a professional photographer if you wish. Any changes may lead to the accusations of cheating and possible problems with the law.

  • Real home features are hidden or covered

You should not change your window view or cover any drawbacks since they will be easily spotted on showings.

  • Avoid signing the photo to be virtually staged

One of the main problems connected with virtual staging is a lack of desire, memory or time to sign that every photo has undergone the staging process and in reality, looks absolutely differently. Otherwise, you may disappoint your potential clips significantly and be issued a lawsuit for cheating. 

As you can see, virtual staging can be your lucky ticket in a difficult situation, but only if you turn to experts for these services. The choice of the company is crucial for your success so it is better to choose established staging teams that have already confirmed their professionalism in this industry.

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