Who uses virtual staging services?

It is natural that there is a certain number of spheres where virtual staging services seem to be a necessity. Many surveys and researches have confirmed that virtual staging is an efficient approach used in the real estate business and not only there. That is why the most active clients of digital staging companies are:

  • Real estate agents

Vacant property is a milestone for many realtors since it remains in the listings much longer than staged ones. Therefore, one of the ways to attract more viewers to empty homes is the use of staging services. More appealing photos in the listings help people visualize the empty space and get an understanding of its size and possibilities.

  • Homeowners selling property

When a person decides to sell the property for the initial price and without commission, it is better to do that as fast as possible, so staged photos will attract more potential buyers undoubtedly.

  • New construction company employees

Companies that build homes want to present their clients what waits for them if they invest money in the project. Therefore, they provide bare floorplans with photos of beautiful interiors which can be created in this property. 

  • Journalists

Both online and paper editions devoted to the interior designs, construction, decor can order virtual staging services to supplement their articles with bright and impressive visual material. 

Virtual staging company services vs Use of virtual staging software yourself 

Some people may wonder what is the sense to order virtual staging services if you can create the interior design of a vacant room yourself using the same tools. In fact, it could be the truth if you were a professional in this sphere. Otherwise, the result of your work and interior developed by a professional will be absolutely different.

When you decide to try virtual staging yourself, this procedure seems to be simple and effortless. However, the first obstacle to the best image is the choice of software. There are multiple tools offering furniture arrangement options, but free versions usually limit users in the number of tools and furniture models. When it comes to more professional tools, you should be ready to spend money to purchase them and time to learn how to use them too. It may be a real challenge to remember all those features immediately, let alone achieve some decent results from the very beginning. There are high chances that your first projects will look artificial and imperfect.

It would be better for people who have no experience in interior design and the use of 3D modeling and design tools to turn to the professionals for virtual staging solutions. First of all, it is not that expensive and the money you could spend on software can bring about your decent results rather quickly. Secondly, the procedure of ordering virtual staging services is very easy: take a photo of high resolution and send it to the company. In a matter of days, your high-quality staged photo will be delivered to you back. Moreover, you will undoubtedly receive a photorealistic image that will impact your clients at the emotional level and save your time. 

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